POWER SEALER RANGE SPEEDPACK Industry leaders for 40 years Introducing the Audion Validatable Fill Seal Machines | Power Sealer and Speedpack

Viking Vacuum Packers are the Ultimate in Packaging Technology


Australia’s leading supplier of  Packaging Machinery, Materials and Solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical, meat, poultry, seafood and hospitality industries.


For over 40 years, the Viking Packaging range has provided complete end-to-end solution, collaboratively working with clients to configure the best setup for the application.

Our latest range includes validatable fill sealing solutions with the Audion Speeckpack and Power Sealer Range for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Viking Food Packaging Product Range


From the compact but powerful bench-top machines, to the fully automated commercial machines, there is a Viking Vacuum Packer in the perfect size for your business.

As leaders in Vacuum Packaging Technology, Viking Food Packaging solutions can help your business extend shelf life, improve product presentation and streamline your vacuum packaging processes.

Why buy a Viking Vacuum Packer?


Protecting and preserving your product should be a top priority in any food business. Whether you produce beef, poultry, seafood or all the above, your responsibility goes beyond producing quality food for your customers and extends to making sure your product is well preserved and safe for the consumer. Viking vacuum packers are at the forefront of vacuum packing technology and guarantee extended freshness of your product, adding value and efficiency to your business while adhering to health and safety standards. There are numerous ways Viking vacuum packers can be an advantageous addition to your food business, including…


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“My operators love using the Viking Vacuum Packer – they have all come and personally thanked me for purchasing such a quality machine”


Sevda Huseyin, Village Cheese

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