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I have a Free Standing or Swing Lid Vacuum Packer, how often should I change the oil?

Every 6-8 months for normal use.

I have a Bench Top Vacuum Packer, how often should I change the oil?

Every 8-10 months for normal use. Click here to view the video tutorial

When should I replace the oil filter on my Vacuum Packer?

Whenever you change the oil.

When should I replace the seal tape on my Vacuum Packer?

Every 4-6 months for normal use, otherwise if dark burnt lines are showing through.

What are the things I should watch each day with my Vacuum Packer?

You must make sure the area where the lid seal makes contact with the frame is cleaned every day.

Is there anything I can do to keep my Vacuum Pump in top condition?

Yes, the Viking Vacuum Packers have a pre-programmed conditioning cycle which you should run once a week.

Should I cover my Vacuum Packer when I am not using it?

This is not recommended as it does not allow any moisture to evaporate, however it is suggested that you store it in a dry place when not in use.

I have air in my bags when I check the next day, why is this?

There is only 3 things this could be caused by. 1, the air was never removed fully; 2, the seal has broken; 3, there is a hole in the bag. The simple way to check this is to place the whole bag into a bucket of water and see if any bubbles rise to the surface when you squeeze the bag, then you will be able to find the fault.

My Vacuum Packer is due for a service, who should I call?

Call BMSS | Viking Food Solutions on 1300 88 99 51 and we will organise a suitable time to service your machine.

I am not near your workshop and have a friend who can service my Viking Vacuum Packer, where do I get parts from?

You can get the parts needed from BMSS | Viking Food Solutions, and furthermore we are more than willing to offer you free, over-the-phone support.

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