Audion Speedpack

Audion Speedpack

Ultimate efficiency in bag packaging

This versatile (semi-) automatic packaging machine delivers exceptional value in speed, flexibility and reliability for automatic bagging operations. The Speedpack bagging system is available in 5 versions, using both pre-opened bags-on-roll and/or lay flat tubing. The tubing system offers the great benefit of lower material cost by variable bag length selection “on-the-fly”.

All Speedpacks can be customized by mounting several options such as a (label) printer, feeding devices etc to maximize and automate your packaging process. Further, Speedpack (label) printers can easily communicate with your ERP system, printing product and customer data directly on the bag.


A smart industrial bagger that excels in flexibility and productivity!


This versatile automatic packaging machine has a high production capacity and is revolutionary due to its extreme flexibility.

For ultimate speed in bag making and bag filling, the High Speed version of Speedpack offers a great solution.

Speedpack 550 has been designed to meet the high demand for (semi-) automatic packaging of larger products in wider bags.

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