Hybrid 550

Hybrid 550

The versatile brand new Speedpack 550 has been designed to meet the high demand for (semi-) automatic packaging of larger products in wider bags. The wider sealbars and deeper product loading zone facilitate packing larger and wider products.


As with the Speedpack Hybrid 400, the Speedpack Hybrid 550 is equipped with a most advanced technology, including the patented bag creation assembly, which enables to pack both from layflat tubing and from pre-perforated bags on roll. The ultimate flexibility is reflected in the (optional) automatic adjustment of bag length and other parameters which can generate a significant film saving.


Both working height (standard) and bag support (optional) are electrically adjustable which makes the Speedpack 550 even more flexible. All of this is easy to control from the user-friendly touch screen developed by Audion.


The built-in high-end PLC together with Audion software allows to connect product feeding and discharge systems to the Speedpack. Communication with an ERP system and various coding systems generate extra efficiency, allowing your products to be packed next-bag-out or in batches and minimizing human intervention.


Speedpack 550 can be customized for each market. Audion has developed various product solutions that allow the Speedpack to be tailored to create the perfect package for your products.



Bottom seal and top seal of the bag are made independently from each other (when the top seal is made on the first bag, the bottom seal is already made at the next bag), facilitating a great capacity!



This high speed version is perfectly suitable when small bags are required, f.i. parts packaging, or packaging in medical and pharma industry in medical film.


Product Speedpack Hybrid 550
Type of Machine Compact form fill seal machine
Model Floor
Seal Length 120-550mm (min-max)
Seal Width 1.5 mm (8 mm optional as impulse)
Capacity Layflat Tubing max. 15 bags / min (depending on bag size, film and way of filling)
Capacity Rollbags 40 bags/ min (depending on bag size, film and way of filling)
Working Height 926+200 mm (electrically adjustable height)
Pedal Operation Optional
Covering Epoxy (Stainless Steel is optional)
Type of Film Lay flat tubing, pre-opened bags on a roll, Laminate
Thickness of Film 40-125µ (micron)
Type of Package Bag, Chain-Bag
Application Industrial Parts, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet Food, Shop, Warehouse, Accessory packaging, Automotive, Fasteners, Household products, Pet products, Toys, Fulfillment packaging or e-commerce
Type of Product Granulate, Solid
Diameter Film Roll max. 360 mm
Opening between seal bars 260 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1560 x 1144 x 1489 (+200) mm (depends on configuration)
Voltage 230 V-1ph-50 /60 Hz
Consumption 3000 W
Required External Air Pressure 6 bar, 200-500 Nl/min
IP Rating IP20
Directives/norms EMC Directive, Standards 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC, EN-ISO-12100
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