Hybrid 400

Speedpack Hybrid 400 SPHK

This versatile automatic packaging machine has a high production capacity and is revolutionary due to its extreme flexibility. The Speedpack Hybrid is working from tube film or bags-on-a-roll. It easily forms pouches in-line before they are filled, optionally printed/labelled and sealed. Above all, by using tube film Speedpack enables you to select the perfect bag length for your product manually or automatically (CMS system integration) generating efficiency and lower material costs.

The Speedpack Hybrid has a compact design and is assembled with high-quality components. It can be extended with various options, depending your product features, in order to create the most suitable packaging solution.

The Speedpack Hybrid can communicate to a range of printers, labelers and feeding devices and conveyors for maximizing and automation of your packaging process.

  • Running both tube film & rollbags (pre-opened bags on a roll)
  • Suitable for manual feed and integration with robotic systems and feeding systems
  • User friendly colour touchscreen, including alarms
  • Variable bag length selection in menu
  • Easy bag opening and product loading
  • Integration with printing and labeling solutions
  • Compact design
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Frame on wheels for maximum mobility
  • Many options available to optimise your packaging solution
  • Interface ports for integration with robotics and other feeding systems
  • Easy selection of bag length possible for tube film, manually/automatically (CMS)
  • Store different bag length settings
  • Quick roll change to facilitate easy and fast changeover
  • Spareparts & components from stock; minimization of maintenance time & costs
  • Self-diagnostic program for quick problem solving
  • Low pressure closing with obstruction detection system for improved safety
  • Extra safety systems available : 2 Hand Button Start ; Photocell start ; Safety Curtain

The Speedpack Hybrid is a versatile machine and can be used for all sorts of applications.

To give you an understanding of the possibilities we have listed 3 markets in which the Speedpack 400, in a specific version especially designed for this type of market, is used:

  • Packaging/ Counting parts market
  • Order fulfillment / E-commerce market
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical market


Product Speedpack Hybrid 400
Type of Machine Compact form fill seal machine
Model Floor
Seal Length 50 – 400 mm (min-max)
Bag Length 50 – 600 mm (min-max)
Seal Width 1.5 mm (8 mm is optional)
Capacity Tube Film max. 20 bags / min (depending on bag size, film and way of filling)
Capacity Rollbags max. 60 bags / min (depending on bag size, film and way of filling)
Working Height 875 mm (adjusted height is optional)
Knife Yes
Pedal Operation Optional
Covering Epoxy, Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel is optional)
Type of Film Tubular film, Rollbags, Laminate
Thickness of Film 40-125µ (micron)
Type of Package Bag, Chain-Bag (Chain Bag is optional)
Application Bakery, Cheese, Coffee & Tea, Food, Fruit & Vegetables, Industrial Parts, Meat & Poultry, Office Supplies, Packaging & Logistics, Pet Food, Shop, Accessory packaging, Automotive, Fasteners, Household products, Pet products, Toys
Type of Product Granulate, Solid
Diameter Film Roll max. 360 mm
Opening between seal bars 125 mm (product ø, 100 mm)
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1100 x 900 x 1100 mm / with roll: 1275 x 845 x 1065 in highest position
Voltage 230 V-1ph-50 /60 Hz
Power Consumption 1850 W
Required external air pressure 6 bar, 200-500 Nl/min
IP Rating IP20
Directives/norms EMC Directive, Standards 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC, EN-ISO-12100
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