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Choosing the right food packaging for your product


With literally hundreds of food packaging options and materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming for food businesses to decide on a packaging solution for their products. Whether you are a new or established business, boutique producer or large scale operation, the right packaging decision is imperative for a safe and efficient organisation.


Viking Vacuum Packers offers packaging solutions for a variety of food businesses with different packaging processes, products, and demands. Modern consumers expect the highest quality and maximum freshness from packaged goods. To achieve customer satisfaction, suppliers must consider a few key packaging requirements. These include:

  • Understanding your needs – Knowing your product and its packaging requirements is the first step to choosing the perfect packaging for your operation.
  • Packaging process – Will you be shrink wrapping, vacuum packing, dip tank, manual packaging etc.
  • Packaging materials – What type of food is your product? Will it need to be displayed/transported/labelled?
  • Stay up to date – The food packaging industry is surprisingly innovative and new technology and materials are constantly developing.

The principal goal is to put in place an efficient packaging method, while prolonging shelf life and drawing customers with an aesthetically appealing product.


Viking helps achieve this by applying the highest-grade materials for all our packaging options. These include:


Vacuum Packaging –


o   Gold/silver/black-backed vacuum bags – perfect for protecting sliced or pre-cooked products with an appealing look.


o   Clear or customised pouches – high durability, great for cheeses or smaller products while exhibiting your brand effectively.


o   Stand-up varieties – Puncture resistant, aesthetically pleasing and convenient for customers. Great for sauces or dry products.


Shrink Packaging –


o   Viking shrink bags – suited for packaging fresh meat, cheese, pork, veal, and lamb. High productivity, superior shrink rate, saving time and cost through eliminating product waste.


o   Logo-printed shrink bags – Add a sense of professionalism and appearance of premium quality with a custom label on your packaging. An effective, low cost marketing tool to make your product stand out.


o   ‘Bone-in’ shrink bags – An innovative Viking exclusive product allowing meat products to be packaged with bone left in – no bone guard or cover required. A must have for suppliers of T-Bone steaks, spare ribs, loin cuts, chops or unfilleted fish. Save time on de-boning products and save money by eradicating damaged goods from punctured bags.



And much more! – head to our products page  for more details on our range or contact us today and allow us to help you achieve your food packaging solution.

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