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Why buy a Viking Vacuum Packer?


Protecting and preserving your product should be a top priority in any food business.


Whether you produce beef, poultry, seafood or all the above, your responsibility goes beyond producing quality food for your customers and extends to making sure your product is well preserved and safe for the consumer. Viking Vacuum Packers are at the forefront of vacuum packing technology and guarantee extended freshness of your product, adding value and efficiency to your business while adhering to health and safety standards. There are numerous ways Viking Vacuum Packers can be an advantageous addition to your food business, including:




Increased Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing a product can increase its shelf life by up to four times. Reducing the product’s exposure to oxygen and other air born gases slow the degradation process, lengthening the life of a product while maintaining its quality over this entire period. Viking’s quality vacuum packaging products act as a protective barrier against external elements such as moisture, dust, insects and harmful factors that may contaminate or damage your food. They are also excellent if you store your food in freezers, protecting against freezer burn for lengthy storage solutions.



Reduce Product Loss – As the life of your food extends, there will be a correlating reduction in the amount of product loss and a subsequent increase in profit margins. All businesses want to find ways to improve productivity and reduce expenses and Viking’s vacuum packers and packaging products offer a solution to this important aspect of business.



Seals in Flavours and Quality – Due to the effectiveness of vacuum packaging, there is no need for chemical preservatives to be added. The packaging itself will protect longer than most preservatives while not compromising the freshness of the merchandise. Viking understands how vital a product’s flavour is to a butcher or restaurant and vacuum sealing food can be beneficial to locking in the flavour for added taste. Wet aging meat products is a popular curing technique, giving you freedom to create a unique, profitable product and increase customer satisfaction.



Efficiency – Viking’s vacuum packers come in a variety of sizes and power for varying functions and demands. However, they all possess the ability to seal a high number of foods, and fast. A vacuum packer is a quality addition to any food business looking to reduce labour costs, increase productivity and improve their product’s quality and consistency.



Product Presentation – Vacuum sealing your food and sticking your custom business label on the product looks professional, inviting and trustworthy. Viking offers a variety of seals and stickers to improve the look of what you are selling. After all, you should be proud of your product and want to set it apart from the rest.



It is important to understand your own businesses needs and which Viking vacuum packer and packaging products are most suitable for you. Whether you run a local butcher or a large scale industrial operation, Viking’s range of packers will meet your business demands. We have machines that will pack assorted meats, beef, poultry, fish and cheese, at different power outputs and sizes to adequately assist your business. Our diverse range includes:



Bench Vacuum Packers – These are Viking’s entry level vacuum packers. While smaller in size, they are still powerful enough for several sealing tasks, do not take up much bench space and can be transported freely around the workplace. The bench vacuum packers are compact and affordable, while containing most of the functions of the larger commercial machines. They are perfectly suited for delis, butchers, restaurants and even for domestic use.


Free-Standing Vacuum Packers – These high quality, heavy duty machines are designed for high volume production. Larger chamber sizes and power output gives the user more flexibility with the products they are sealing. Entire wheels of cheese and legs of ham can be packaged while also being able to seal smaller items when required. The free-standing machines are easily manoeuvred around the workplace on wheels and easy cleaning means low maintenance. These are a step up from the bench vacuum packers and are guaranteed to add value to your daily operations.


Swing Lid Vacuum Packers – The simple yet ingenious design of Viking’s swing lid range allows the user to load one chamber while the vacuum process completes in the other chamber. These are popular among abattoirs and boning rooms due to the high-volume chambers and power output for maximum packaging efficiency.


Dip Tanks – An alternative option to vacuum packers for large scale packaging operations. Submerges product and packaging in hot water and seals within 1-2 seconds with controlled settings for high consistency.


Tray Sealers – Perfect for packaging cold cuts, meats, poultry, cheese, fresh pasta and ready meals.




Viking Vacuum Packers also stock a range of packaging and display items to complement your vacuum packing machine. We have vacuum bags, shrink bags, logo printed shrink bags, ham bags, custom printed pouches, assorted trays and film, bench wrappers and custom labels for your food products.




Viking vacuum packers are made of high grade steel and aluminium. If you are interested in adding efficiency and value to your food business, contact us  today and our professional team will happily assist you with any vacuum packing queries.

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